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Cosmopolitan Investments carries within its operations the Management, Reporting Consolidations, Internal control standards and the Quality Assurance of services offered among the various business lines contained by the unique brands that falls under its portfolio.

Diversified and manifolded Investments in industries such as E-Commerce, Management Consultation, Global Mobility and Recruitment serving SMEs and delivering value to all societal segments.

We keep our presence in the critical global locations and our group of companies have presence in more than 30 countries.

Services Portfolio

Global Mobility & Immigration

Business & Investment Consultation

Investors & Entrepreneurs Migration

Studying Abroad Advisory

Corporate Professional Services

Onshore & Offshore Banking & Incorporation

Entrepreneurs Incubation & Acceleration

Human Capital Management

Agile Technology & Robotics

Facility Management Tailored Solutions

Information Technology Infrastructure

Business Transformation

Our Brands

Borders & Gates

B&G which stands for Borders and Gates is devoted to build, develop and grow businesses and startups. We have the knowledge, we know where the pain is and fix via a hands-on procedure.

B&G Immigration

B & G Immigration is dedicated to Plan, Advise and Process its base of clientele to their preferred country of destination via its experienced, regulated and authorised partners among every and each country on our Countries programs list.

Women of Saudi Arabia

Women of Saudi Arabia is an empowering magazine that unveils the diverse stories of Saudi women, celebrating their strength and contributions across society. With insightful articles and stunning features, the magazine captures the essence of their achievements in business, education, arts, fashion, and community engagement. Balancing tradition and progress, it embraces the values of modesty and respect, providing an uplifting platform that resonates with the rich tapestry of Saudi society.



ITSS is a creative agency, we created this agency to support businesses excel in new technological advancements & step up the game in the software and marketing field. We simply create digital transformation solutions that cover everything you would need, as we offer a range of online tools to bring your business online. We are ultimately inspired by our collaborations with clients who value digital transformation & competitive edge and understand their role in the market, we help our clients by clearly delivering their vision to their audience because we believe that elevated positioning, elite strategy, and digital presence are the key to every business growth.

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We keep our presence in the critical global locations and our group of companies have presence in more than 30 countries.


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